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Ben and Winslow Contest: When I'm Human

This is the folder for all the entries for my latest contest. Draw a non-human Ben & Winslow character as a human for a chance to win money, drawings, and more. Everyone who participates gets a free sketch! Contest ends September 1st at midnight. Full rules are here:


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You heard me, folks! There are only 5 weeks left to get your contest entries to me, so make the most of it! Remember, everyone that enters will get a sketch, and first, second, and third place all get money (among other things). So far, only carriehowarth has entered, and she's been talking a lot of smack. I get a note from her nearly every day full of antagonistic things that I'm not even going to print here. :laughing:

Spiderqueen Dream by carriehowarth

I'll post every entry I receive here, Tumblr, Facebook, this forum post, this gallery, in the sky, on the moon, in rock formations at the bottom of the ocean, and on an elaborate tattoo on the back of a large Irishman.

Ben & Winslow Contest: When I'm Human

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for this summer’s Ben & Winslow-themed contest! With prize money! :boogie:

People have asked me what Ben and Winslow are supposed to be, exactly. My go-to answer is always “cartoon characters,” because they clearly aren’t humans. Part of the reason I have actual human characters like Laura and Apsara around is to drive that point home.

But… what if they were humans? What would they look like? That’s what this contest will try to explore.

The Rules of the Game, Yo!

This contest is all about turning Ben & Winslow characters into humans. So take that idea and run with it!

1. You must choose at least one non-human Ben & Winslow character and portray him or her, through whatever visual medium you choose (no stories or poetry), as a human (or at the very least, a character of human size and human proportions). That is the bare minimum requirement, but you can make your entry as complex as you want. A simple portrait is fine, but so is a scene, or a comic, or whatever. Maybe you want to explore why they’re a human. A magic spell? A dream? An experiment gone wrong? Maybe you want to show how the other characters would react if they saw one of their friends as a human. Or maybe you want to do a comic where all the characters are humans, as if that were totally normal. Let your imagination go crazy. :)

2. The main non-human Ben & Winslow characters are Ben, Winslow, Little Winslow, Kate, Annie, Kurt the Cynic, Reya the Misanthrope, Psychic Rob, Quentin Sadguy, Dr. Spiderqueen, and Robot Ben. (And yes, I realize that those last two are a spider and a robot, respectively, but you’re a clever bunch. I’m sure you could figure out a way to make them human—or at least more human-looking as usual. Humanish?) There are innumerable lesser-known characters. You can choose any of these folks. :nod:

3. Despite drawing these characters as human, they still need to be recognizable. This is easier than it seems, because each of these characters have distinct personalities, outfits, hairstyles (in the case of the women), and so on. It’s worth noting that since Ben, Winslow, and their friends are not normally human, they most certainly do not have any particular ethnic backgrounds. When you recreate them as humans, they can be whatever ethnicity you want. :D

4. Your entry can contain as many additional Ben & Winslow characters as you want. They can be in their regular forms or they can be turned into humans as well. You can also include characters from outside the Ben & Winslow universe, even your own original characters. As long as you meet the bare minimum requirement of one Ben & Winslow character turned into a human, you’re golden. :nod: 

5. Adult themes are fine, but your entry should not go beyond “Rated R” territory. 

6. You can enter as many times as you want, but when it comes down to the final judging, your entries are judged as a whole (meaning all of your entries count as one entry, and you only have an opportunity to win one prize). 

7. In the description of your entry, please include my copyright info and a link back to the contest rules. If you’re entering via Tumblr, please include the #Ben & Winslow tag and the #ak-is-harmless tag. 

8. The contest starts today, June 13th, and runs until Monday, September 1st at midnight. 

9. Once you upload your entry, send me a note here on deviantART. If you’re entering via Tumblr, send me a message once you’ve uploaded your entry. 

10. Entries will be judged on their creativity by me and an impartial panel of judges that will be selected toward the end of the contest. :ahoy:

What Do I Win?! 

Everyone who participates in this contest will get a free, single-character bust sketch from me—a little “thank you” for participating. But a contest wouldn’t be a contest unless you were vying for something a little more substantial, and this one will have prizes for first, second, and third place. 

Third Place: Your sketch gets upgraded to a full-color, single-character drawing by yours truly. And I’ll sweeten the deal by sending you $15 via PayPal! :boogie: 

Second Place: Your sketch gets upgraded to a full-color, single-character drawing by yours truly. You’ll also be transformed into a Ben & Winslow-style character and added to a future Ben & Winslow comic. And because I’m awesome, I’ll also send you $25 via PayPal—sweet, delicious legal tender! :dance:

First Place: Your sketch gets upgraded to a full-color, two-character drawing (or two single-character drawings) drawn by yours truly. You’ll also be transformed into a Ben & Winslow-style character and added to a future Ben & Winslow comic. And to top it all off, I’ll send you $50 via PayPal—actual money that you can exchange for actual goods and services! :w00t:

Spread the Word!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! I'll add them to the FAQ at the bottom of the original post.


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